Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians - Omaha

Catholic Action

The Mother McAuley Division of the LAOH currently supports the Holy Family School Lunch Program, the  Mary Madeline Project and the Columban Fathers, all located in the Omaha metro area.   

Holy Family Lunch Program

A crew of volunteers are the labor and force behind Holy Family’s Lunch Program.  Five days a week the crew gathers in Holy Family’s Social Hall to assemble sandwiches and pack lunches for those in need.   Anyone wishing to volunteer to help serve the poor and needy are encouraged to join us whenever possible. With the Grace of God, monetary, and physical assistance, Holy Family is able to provide a meal for those who might otherwise not have access to food that day.

On Cue Omaha

On Cue, a new non-profit program located in Omaha, Nebraska, aims to involve underprivileged students in the performing arts with a three fold approach designed to benefit both the students and the school community. Students participating in On Cue will develop social and academic skills through a variety of opportunities including: weekly drama instruction during the school day, an all-school theatrical performance and cross curriculum linking the drama program with other subjects.  

Memories 4 Kids

Our mission is to create lifelong memories for children who have a parent with stage IV cancer.  The unfortunate reality is that for children with a terminally ill parent, the final months are filled with bad memories and disappointments as the ill parent spends most of their time in hospital care.  There are many organizations that help children with a terminal illness, but there is a major void in any organization helping children who are facing the loss of a parent.  Looking through the eyes of a child……….and after many tears and endless determination Memories For Kids was created to help create lifelong memories for children who have a parent with terminal cancer.  Our hearts go out to each and every one of you!

Columban Fathers

The Columbans are a society of missionaries, including priests and lay people, who minister to people of various cultures as a way of witnessing to the universal love of God.

We go in the name of the Church to announce, by deed and word, the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Our objectives are:

To establish the Church where the Gospel has not been preached.
To help local Churches grow into evangelizing communities open to all peoples.
To facilitate interchange between local Churches.
To promote dialogue between Christians and those from all other religious traditions.
To promote justice, peace and creation from a standpoint of solidarity with the poor.

We work in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Britain, Ireland, China, Chile, Hong Kong, Fiji, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Rome, France, Mexico and the United States.

Through living and ministering among peoples of other cultures and traditions, we witness to our belief that all peoples are children of the one God and brothers and sisters in Christ. In those countries where we are unable to preach the Gospel openly, we continue to offer support to small and vulnerable Christian communities through our presence with them in their struggles. We invite people who have been abandoned or forgotten by society to find support and hope in vibrant faith communities.

In the U.S., we continue to invite all the baptized to share in the universal mission of the Church through actively supporting our various missionary endeavors or through exploring the missionary dimensions of their own faith with us in a cross cultural setting. We work with Korean, Hispanic, Filipino and Chinese communities in Washington, D.C., Bristol, Rhode Island, Omaha, Nebraska, El Paso, Texas (and across the border in Juarez, Mexico) and California. Our Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach in Washington, D.C., focuses on the issues of justice, peace and integrity of creation, raising awareness among lawmakers and providing young people with an opportunity to advocate on behalf of the voiceless.

In all of our work, we strive to identify with Jesus of Nazareth who said, “He has sent me to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free and to proclaim the Lord’s year of favor.” (Lk 4:18)

The Missionary Society of St. Columban was formally founded in 1918 and takes its name from St. Columban, Ireland’s sixth century missionary to Europe.